About Cloubis

Cloubis was founded in 2019 by two experienced BI professionals who combine business knowledge with technical expertise, a passion for data and a healthy dose of common sense. Today the Cloubis team is composed of several experts who specialize in end-to-end data solutions. Cloubis’ mission is to facilitate informed decision making through our expertise in business intelligence and using cloud solutions. We help businesses deepen the understanding of their data through analytics.

  • We believe in a pragmatic stepwise approach to help you get the most out of your data.
  • We are a strong multidisciplinary BI team that offers end-to-end data solutions.
  • We offer a unique combination of business know-how and technical capabilities that allows us to really understand what would be most useful to you.

Team-as-a-Service (TaaS)

Working with Cloubis means you will have a multidisciplinary team at your disposal. Building a new data application for your business is a huge workload with many different tasks that require different skills. There is no one who could build this on their own. You would need data engineers, data scientists, data analysts, etc. This is why we don’t just offer you one consultant but a whole team of data specialists who will make sure you get the results you want.

In other words, you won’t need to worry about a thing! After making sure we understand your business and its needs, we will put together a team that will empower you to unleash the full power of your data. We won’t leave you to your own devices once we deliver your application. We strive to be a long-term partner that will continuously give you the support you need during your data journey.

Delivery framework

To tackle each case, we use a pragmatic approach in six phases. This process isn’t linear, we like to work in an iterative way to continuously improve the end result.


To kick things off, we like to organize a few workshops with both technical staff and end users in order to get a clear idea of the current situation. Where is data stored?, in what format?, what is the current reporting situation? The second goal of these workshops is to get a good understanding of the wants and needs of the end users.


During this second phase we will map the desired situation. This way we have a clear view of the end product we will be working towards.


In this third phase we will analyse the current situation and the desired situation in order to define all the tasks that need to be done to get to the desired outcome.


This fourth stage is where the magic happens. During this phase we start building the workflows and dashboards to create the reports.


During this fifth stage we will present the dashboards and reports to you. You will get the chance to test everything and give feedback on anything you would like to change.


The moment has come, you will now be able to start using your new data or reporting environment. We will, however, never leave you to your own devices. We will provide training and support whenever you need.

Foto Michaël Van Reeth

Michaël Van Reeth

Michaël is one of our founding fathers. He sees data as a crucial value generator. Data insights have become a basic need in today’s business landscape. But unfortunately, this basic need isn’t met often enough. By founding Cloubis, Michaël wants to help businesses get the maximum out of their data. He gets a lot of satisfaction out of getting added value from existing data and, of course, from helping clients unleash the full power of their data.

Glenn Janssens

Glenn is the other half of our founding fathers duo. He has built more than 12 years of experience in BI and data in different data roles and sectors. However, his passion for data warehousing and data modelling has stayed the same. Glenn is at his best when solving problems in close collaboration with stakeholders. He believes the best solutions come forth out of co-creation.

Foto Glenn Janssens

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