SME e-wallet

The SME e-wallet is a subsidy measure that allows entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain to receive financial aid from the Flemish government when purchasing services that improve the quality of your enterprise. This means that you can take advice from a consultant or follow training courses with financial support from the Flemish government. 


Which Cloubis services are eligible for the SME e-wallet?

Cloubis is registered with the Flemish Region for the SME e-wallet measure for the pillars Advice and Training.


The pillar advice includes services that are entitled to improve the functioning of your business. This involves written advice. Its components are: an analysis of the problem definition, the actual advice, an implementation plan and guidance on this implementation.


All training provided by Cloubis is eligible for the SME e-wallet. 

The amount of support you receive depends on the size of your business:

For more information, visit the VLAIO website.

What amount of support can I get?

SME e-wallet application process