Business Intelligence

The main goals of business intelligence (BI) is to make data insightful so people can make informed decisions based on data. Following your gut is no longer enough to operate a successful business. With BI tools we transform your data into insightful visual reports that facilitate decision making by providing all necessary facts and figures.

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How it’s done

The first step is to explore your data in order to select the data that is most useful to you. For example, by centralizing your data in a cloud data warehouse. Next, we can visualize the data with the help of BI tools like Microsoft Power BI and Amazon QuickSight. Your new reports and dashboards will allow you to interpret your data quickly. This way you will always know how your company is doing. These reports can be conveniently integrated into applications you currently use.

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Embedded BI

Embedding means that visualized data will be integrated (embedded) into an existing or a newly built application. Data visualization can be very useful to give your clients access and insight into their own data. Self-service BI can be implemented for all employees, but at the same time it can also be made available to your clients to offer them a better service.

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Power BI is part of Microsoft Power Platforms. The Cloubis team is very familiar with this software and is 100% convinced it can bring great things to your business thanks to its many features. Think dashboards with visualizations of your sales data and KPI’s, predictive analytics and even a Q&A section where the user can access data by simply asking questions as if they were talking to a person. The tool is easy to use, can be customized to suit your branding and can even be accessed through mobile if necessary.

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QuickSight is part of the AWS Data Analytics offering. This program offers the possibility to all employees, with any level of technical skill, to make ad hoc analysis and gain insight in the value of their data.

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