Data Integration

The data integration process is meant to combine data from as many sources as possible to create a clear view of the data landscape for their users. In other words, store all data in one place so all the data that is needed for business processes is easily accessible.

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Why is Data Integration useful?

The main advantage is that the combination of sources will allow you to gain more insight by analyzing and comparing all your data in one place. More insight means you will be able to make clearer decisions when it comes to operating your business. And this does not just apply to you, when we store all your data in a cloud-based data center it will be accessible to every department that needs it. This means everyone in your organization will be able to make better sales, financial, marketing, … decisions.

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Data management

Transforming raw data into useful insights can be quite the challenge since this process depends on the specific needs of each business. This is why the Cloubis team will have in-depth conversations with you to really understand what you need and want from your data. After the data integration process, you will receive a reporting tool that will be easy to use for everyone in your company.

Data quality is crucial to the whole process. To be able to ensure data quality we monitor a set of KPI’s in order to detect where bad data is coming from. With these insights we are able to continuously improve your data tools and detect potential cost optimizations. Data management is crucial to protecting your business and your data. These insights in data quality will also be used to help your organization achieve and adjust your data management goals.

Data Integration Tools & Platforms

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Why choose the Cloud?


While using the cloud, you can increase or decrease the capacity and computing power whenever you need it.

Lowered cost

According to a study by Berkeley University using cloud is five to seven times cheaper than hosting data on your own servers. You don’t have to order, install and set up your own servers.


Elasticity is most useful when you have to deal with seasonal demands. You can scale up to a higher capacity for the periods when you need it and then go back to a lower capacity for the rest of the year.

Quicker implementation

Because you don’t have to worry about getting your own servers and managing them, you can set this up quite quick and easy.

Ease of use

Everyone in the company can log in and access the data where and whenever they need it.

Future proof

By saving your data on the cloud, you’re not dependent on your own hardware. These cloud services are continuously updated to answer to all your (safety) needs.

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