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Conventional data warehouses and big data platforms have failed to deliver on their fundamental promise: to make it easy to amass many types of data, enable rapid analytics, and deliver reliable insights to all your business users.

While there are many compelling reasons for moving data and analytics to the cloud, forward-thinking organizations are looking beyond the benefits of isolated cloud implementations. They are tired of analytic solutions that create a multitude of data silos, in the cloud and elsewhere, that increase complexity for IT professionals and delay time to value for business users. They want to combine multiple types of data and a diverse array of analytic initiatives into a progressive and extensible cloud strategy.

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Think long-term

Snowflake was created to help organizations of all sizes break free from the limitations of these conventional software solutions. Their patented multi-cluster shared data architecture delivers a cloud data platform that easily and securely enables a wide variety of workloads—data warehouses, data lakes, data pipelines, and data exchanges—and many types of business intelligence, data science, and data analytics applications.

Why choose Snowflake?

Single unified platform

Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared data architecture consolidates data warehouses, data marts, and data lakes into a single source of truth that powers multiple types of analytics.

Cross-region, cross-cloud

With Snowflake’s cloud-agnostic platform, you can distribute your data across regions or even across cloud providers. Snowflake allows you to mix and match clouds as you see fit.

All your data

Data sets are stored in the cloud, at scale, and in their native formats, without complex transformations, supporting a broad range of use cases.

Fully managed service layer

Autheticate user sessions, manage resources, enforce comprehensive security measures, compile queries, enable data governance, and ensure atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability (ACID)-compliant transaction integrity.

Instant, efficient and near-infinite scale

Elastically scale compute resources dedicated to each workload, automatically or on the fly, to preserve peak performance and take advantage of per-second pricing to avoid paying for idle capacity.

Global data sharing

Instantly and securely share governed data across your organization, and beyond, with external partners but without having to copy or move data.

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