21 September 2022

Level up your data and analytics with Alteryx & Snowflake

Are you tired of being frustrated, and not having the answers your business users’ needs?

It is a widely recognized truth that data is an increasingly valuable asset for organizations. Data is being generated and captured across systems in greater volumes and at increasing levels of granularity. At the same time, more users are demanding access to this data to drive insights and impactful business outcomes.

Even the most traditional sectors seek new revenue streams and want to differentiate on their transactional business model. Building long term relationships with their customers and selling their product or IP in a steady, continuous flow is the holy grail. They need an analytics solution and a host platform to shift to this new this new world of digital products, built (entirely) on data.

More data, more problems?

If we look at today’s situation, we can’t help but realize that we still have a long way to go. Organizations are flooded with conflicting numbers, where data users refuse to trust reporting, except those they create themselves.

As a consequence, business users revert to asking IT to create custom reports for them. Or worse yet, they stop using data altogether to make decisions. Instead of liberating business users, the demand for insights and analytics creates data chaos—a proverbial Tower of Babel where people speak different languages, and communication gets lost.

Some of the key data management problems that are still prevalent today truly immobilize organizations. First and foremost, organizations struggle with data architecture problems. The most prevalent are data silos. These are a consequence of missing formats that would enable data to be used in other contexts. Another one is the inability to handle large volumes of data. Especially in cases where organizations try to deal with big data, querying it becomes time consuming and resource intensive.

A second roadblock comes with the inability to address and support as many use cases as possible within the organization. On top of that, we often see that data still inherently means high management costs. Last but not least there’s the ever-remaining difficulty of use of data tools. A lot of employees don’t have the skillset to work with the data or the tools.

One version of the truth

There’s work to be done… Here at Cloubis (an Xplore Group company) we aim to provide businesses with an integrated solution. Based on real data insight problems, we focus on unifying the full analytics process and putting automation in the hands of all data workers including business analysts, business leaders, citizen data scientists, and data scientists. We believe that platforms like Alteryx and Snowflake can reunite employees and departments to work together in a centralized self-service environment with only one version of the truth.

With more than 260 automation building blocks, the Alteryx APA Platform (Analytic Process Automation) coupled with the Snowflake’s cloud-native data platform offers a scalable, governable analytics and data-centric process automation solution for the entire enterprise. Users with different skills and needs across the enterprise can work together to bring data-driven projects of any size into production with Snowflake’s platform services by using hundreds of Alteryx automation building blocks. 

Snowflake is a cloud-based platform whose vision is to enable organizations to have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock data value. Snowflake helps organizations to organize and consolidate data in order to break down data silos. Within a single interface they offer seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the value of data.

The Snowflake architecture allows storage and computing power to scale independently, so organizations can use and pay for storage and computing power separately. On top of that, the sharing functionality makes it easy for organizations to quickly share governed and secure data in real time.

The Alteryx APA Platform provides businesses with an integrated analytic process solution that enables self-service insights and automated actions. The no-code, low-code platform is designed to put automation in the hands of all data workers. The Alteryx APA Platform can automate analytics and data science pipelines, manage complex data-centric business processes and deliver actionable insights for stakeholders in every line of business. 

With Snowflake and Alteryx handling your data, organizations can tailor their analytics infrastructure to meet the needs of the chosen analytics strategy. They integrate to create an offering that makes analytics fundamentally easier. The Alteryx APA Platform combines with the Snowflake Data Cloud platform to offer a flexible and secure backend that powers enterprise productivity.

Customer case: Alteryx & Snowflake in retail

A customer case where the promise of enhanced enterprise productivity has proven to be true, was realized for a large fashion retailer. With a vast network of 13000 stores and a workforce of 19000 people, this client produces billions of records. Implementing Alteryx allowed them to realize a complex integration of transactional data, promotional data, warehouse management, logistics, social media, etc.

The results the implementation of Alteryx and Snowflake helped to achieve were formidable. Not only 500 hours of efficiency gains per week, but also MRP (Material Requirements Planning) optimizations and insights in merchandising performance came out as positive results.

Ready to take your data and analytics to the next level?

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