Data Governance

Organizations want to work more and more with data, and the amount of data we use also keeps growing. Consequently, proper management of data is crucial. Defining data policies and establishing procedures to achieve data accuracy, reliability, integrity and security can help.

Do we need specific input methods and formats, restricted user access to certain data? Is there a need to gather information about the source and quality of the data used? If we want to use data to gain insights, and consequently make decisions to link actions to, it better be reliable.

Data governance helps with this: it is a set of rules, processes and role delegations that ensure privacy and compliance in an organization’s data management. Questions such as “Where does GDPR sensitive information reside?”, “Does our CRM system store social media information?” or “Where can we find customer data?” are answered with this.

Why is data governance useful?

Effective data governance helps organizations to:

  • Ensure the accuracy and integrity of their data
  • Protect sensitive and confidential data from unauthorized access or use
  • Comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data management

Process of data governance

Data catalog

A data catalog is an organized inventory of all the data in an organization. So-called metadata is used to manage this data, such as information about its structure, provenance, quality and use.

Data Governance Tools

Successful Cloubis collaborations

transport logistics

Faster invoicing with Alteryx - Transport & Logistics

Cloubis assisted with the setup of semi-automatic invoicing with the use of Alteryx.

Projectmanagement with Power BI & SharePoint – AMDK   

The AMDK keeps all data from Planview in a structured and organized way in their own cloud environment. Thanks to several Power Automate solutions, the AMDK can quickly and easily refresh Power BI reports with current data from Planview

Automatic financial reporting via Alteryx - DELA

After an Alteryx implementation, controllers who previously spent several days building complex reports in Excel can solve this in seconds with the click of a button.

Managed self-service BI implementation – De Vlaamse Waterweg 

After implementing an Azure data platform, De Vlaamse Waterweg was able to centralise important data and apply the necessary data processing logic to transform this data into valuable strategic information whilst managing all information from Power BI.

Better customer insights via Power BI - DELA

DELA has a more complete and detailed view of its portfolio through a reporting suite in Power BI built on an Azure Data Platform.
HR application - E&C

Easier HR Evaluations through Power Apps – E&C Consultants

E&C wanted to track the competences and skills of their employees in an orderly and user-friendly manner. Therefore, they are looking for a centralized platform where employees and team leaders can evaluate themselves, team members and colleagues based on competences that are most valued by E&C.

From Audit to Insights – Seris

Cloubis ensured an automatic collection of data and dashboarding in Google Data Studio. It eliminates all manual calculations and makes it easier to compare results over time, region and store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data governance is the set of rules, processes, and roles that ensure data privacy, compliance, and quality. It helps organizations manage their data accurately, protect sensitive information, and comply with regulations.
The key components include data catalog, data lineage, data quality, and data access, each playing a crucial role in managing and ensuring the integrity of data.
Cloubis ensures data validity, accuracy, coherence, completeness, and consistency, which allows organizations to make informed decisions based on reliable data.
Cloubis utilizes tools such as Azure Purview and dbt labs for managing data governance effectively.
Implementing data governance with Cloubis can improve data management efficiency, protect sensitive data, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and enhance data-driven decision-making processes.

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