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In a world full of data, it can be difficult to find its value. With Cloubis, you effortlessly transform that abundance of data into clear insights. Together, we ensure that data becomes your strongest ally, allowing you to make better decisions and move your business forward.

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We understand that data sometimes feels like a tangle, but that’s what we’re here for. With a backpack full of experience, our unique Data Platform Framework and powerful tools such as Azure Synapse, Databricks and Snowflake, we have helped many companies tame their data.

Our strength? We combine efficient, tailor-made solutions with a good dose of positivity. We focus on what is possible and ensure that you see results quickly.

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What does a data engineer do?

A data engineer is the architect behind your digital data. He transforms raw data into usable information, lays the foundation for data-driven decisions and optimizes data flows. Moreover, we go beyond just the technique. Our data engineers dive deep into your business challenges, streamline processes and create solutions that will really have an impact.

Working with a Cloubis data engineer means that you not only get advanced data infrastructures, but also a partner who thinks along with you to get the most out of that data.

Our approach


We start by actively merging all your data. Whether you work with structured databases, unstructured files, external APIs or streaming data, we integrate everything seamlessly. This gives you immediate uniform access to all crucial data.


We store your data safely and efficiently. Our scalable data platform can handle large data volumes while ensuring security, privacy and compliance. Whether you choose data lakes, lake houses or data warehouses, we find the perfect storage solution for you.


With everything in place, we dive into the analysis. We know you want to gain deep insights from your data, whether it’s simple overviews or complex machine learning models. Our platform makes it possible, and our data engineers ensure that you can effortlessly and directly generate insights with your favorite tools.

Data Engineering Tools

In the world of data, the right tooling is essential. But what if you not only had access to the best tools, but also to a team that knows exactly how to use them optimally? That’s where we make the difference.

Experience a new class of data analysis.

Your one-stop-shop for data warehousing and big data analytics. It allows you to efficiently utilize large amounts of data, so you can make better business decisions.

Process your data through an integrated open analysis platform.

Take your big data analysis and machine learning to the next level. Databricks is not just a platform; it is the place where you turn data into valuable insights. Thanks to the power of Apache Spark, you process data in the blink of an eye, and with intuitive dashboards you share your findings in no time.

The Snowflake Data Cloud

With Snowflake, you manage and analyze your data like never before. As a leading cloud-based data warehouse platform, it offers you the flexibility and scalability you need, without the worries of hardware management. It is a platform that adapts to your needs, so you are always ahead.

Transform data in your warehouse

DBT, or data build tool, is an open-source command-line program that helps with the development, testing, and maintenance of an organization’s data infrastructure.
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Your data engineering compagnon

With Cloubis, you bring a powerful partner into your home. Our ‘Team as a Service’ (TaaS)’ model puts a team of data specialists at your disposal. Data is the fuel for innovation, but it is the people and their processes that make the difference. That is why we focus on creating a culture in which data plays the leading role.

We support your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to see data as a strategic asset. At Cloubis, data is more than numbers and graphs; it is the key to growth and progress. We combine advanced technologies with practical insights to give your business a head start.

Successful Cloubis collaborations

Explore some of our successful collaborations and the results we’ve achieved with our clients.
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Let's create a data culture together

At Cloubis, it’s all about your success. Together, we build a strong foundation for your data-driven decision-making, equipped with the right tools and a data model that is perfectly tailored to your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Data engineering involves the design, development, and management of data architecture and infrastructures to efficiently collect, store, process, and analyze data.
A data engineer develops, builds, tests, and maintains architectures such as databases and large-scale processing systems. They improve the reliability, efficiency, and quality of data and ensure the architecture meets the business needs.
Data engineering is essential because it enables businesses to derive valuable insights from their data, support decision-making, optimize processes, and gain competitive advantage.
Cloubis uses powerful tools like Azure Synapse, Databricks, and Snowflake to manage and analyze data. Our data engineers combine efficient custom solutions with a positive approach to achieve quick results.
By transforming data into valuable insights, data engineering helps businesses make better decisions and progress.

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