Read below how we tackled data challenges at different companies.

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Telltale light

Telltale light – VRT

VRT wanted to have insights into new series and their launch performance a few days after they aired. To provide this overview, Cloubis built a distributed dashboard: the “telltale light".
Banner Cases distrilink

Modern data architecture - Distrilink

Through several workshops, Cloubis outlined a modern data architecture. Distrilink can now synchronize data and gain insights faster and more frequently
Power BI for finance

Power BI for Finance – VRT

VRT's assignment for Cloubis was to process financial data through the data lake without manual processing, and link it to Power BI to arrive at an enterprise grade reporting solution.
HR application - E&C

HR application in Power Apps – E&C Consultants

E&C wanted to track the competences and skills of their employees in an orderly and user-friendly manner. Therefore, they are looking for a centralized platform where employees and team leaders can evaluate themselves, team members and colleagues based on competences that are most valued by E&C.

Data Assessment – E&C Consultants

Cloubis performed an end-to-end data assessment to help E&C with their future data roadmap and implementation plan.
AWS datalake

AWS Datalake leveraging dbt – VRT

Cloubis provided VRT a robust and performant data warehouse solution, as well as documented best practices, templates and guidelines resulting in a lower cost and better performance.

Snowflake Data Platform – E&C Consultants

Cloubis provided E&C with a Modern Data Platform. This platform is scalable according to their growth and will support E&C to achieve their goals to be more flexible, serve their clients more rapidly and have all their data in one place.

Azure Data Platform – Enabel

Cloubis implemented an Azure Data Platform with central portal on SharePoint that enables Enabel to work more data driven.

Data Studio Rollout – Seris

Cloubis ensured an automatic collection of data and dashboarding in Google Data Studio. It eliminates all manual calculations and makes it easier to compare results over time, region and store.

Azure Data Platform – ONDRAF/NIRAS

Cloubis built a bespoke Azure Data Platform allowing Ondraf/Niras to simulate and compare different loading plans in a more efficient way.

Data Exchange (MIG6) – Engie

For a new and centralised data management system within the energy industry (MIG 6), Cloubis performed tests and migrations of existing reports.

Power BI Rollout – intigriti

Cloubis built a BI reporting suite to monitor Europe’s #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform making the digital world a safer place.

AWS Data Platform – VEKA

To be able to adjust and create new energy policies the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA) needs data to be able to make well informed decisions. To do this VEA needs complete and high-quality data. To answer to their needs we set up a data warehouse in the cloud.

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