Faster invoicing with Alteryx – Transport & Logistics

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The briefing

For the invoicing of a customer in the chemical sector, it is essential to accurately record and report all activities (heating, transport, packaging, storage, and more) each month. The information is necessary for this customer to be invoiced correctly. Any deviation, no matter how small, can cause the invoice to be disputed by the customer. Every month, a employee spends several days collecting, checking, and validating data from a multitude of data sources to ensure that the entered information is correct.

The result of this is collected in an Excel where the various transformations are performed. The customer has already tried to work with other tools, but manual transformations are still necessary because the input of the invoice sometimes changes. In addition to the manual work, there is only one person who knows how the data should be transformed and where the attention points are in terms of data quality.

Our solution

To avoid having to make many manual transformations every month, Cloubis deployed the user-friendly tool Alteryx to process these transformations. Alteryx automates the required steps while still offering the flexibility for manual adjustments. This leads to time savings at our customer without having to compromise on flexibility.

The person who previously made the adjustments in Excel can do this without problems (and in some areas even more easily) in Alteryx without the need of a technical data background. After the basic setup, Cloubis set up a user-friendly tool that the customer can use and adapt to future needs.

The result

Through the collaboration with Cloubis and the implementation of a tool like Alteryx Designer, the customer saves several days of manual work every month. The expectation is that the time savings will increase in the future. The customer finds working with the tool very pleasant because they can always see what they are doing in Alteryx. That is why they are also gradually converting the invoicing for other customers, starting with other customers in the chemical sector, to a semi-automatic process in Alteryx.

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