Data-driven decisions on Odoo with Snowflake – Distrilink

We helped with

Data Architecture

Distrilink is an e-commerce agency and wants to be a partner for companies to sell online at scale through any channel.

The briefing

Distrilink has built an ecosystem in Odoo to bring together all the processes needed to sell successfully on marketplaces. Best in class IT systems are used and automation is applied whenever possible. Reporting is done via QlikView and connects directly to Odoo via an ODBC driver. But analysis and reporting on Distrilink’s source system are not scalable. There are limits on adding new sources via API connections, for example. Distrilink needed a cost-efficient and scalable data platform and turned to Cloubis to help them with this.

Our solution

Through several workshops, Cloubis outlined a modern data architecture. To relieve the workload of the ERP system, we have set up a POC. After approval of the concept, we proceeded to unlock the data.

To bring data from different sources together and prepare it for the reporting layer via views, we chose Snowflake as a data warehouse. In Matillion we set up a robust and efficient synchronization process in which data from Odoo is unlocked and synchronized to Snowflake. In Snowflake, the dimensional model with business logic is prepared using views in the data marts. QlikSense uses these data marts to display the final visual reports.

The process is completely built dynamically using variables. If the necessary tables do not already exist, they can easily be added in Matillion using reload or incremental as parameters. This table is sent to Snowflake and serves as the basis for the synchronization process.

At the end of the synchronization process, the client receives an email with a summary. Other control structures are also built in. Matillion runs only when the flow is executed and automatically shuts down once it is finished.

The result

Thanks to the collaboration with Cloubis, Distrilink can now synchronize data and gain insights faster and more frequently, without hindering the performance of the source system. This allows Distrilink to take action quicker if necessary. Even before the collaboration with Cloubis, Distrilink had a strong data culture, but now the data is even more accessible and more data-driven decisions are made. This will allow Distrilink to scale and grow faster.

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