Deliver apps embedded with AI to modernize your legacy applications and systems fast.

  • AI-powered development
  • Premium governance
  • Custom code development
  • Connected, secure data

As a Microsoft Partner, we at Cloubis are always looking for the best solutions to support organizations in their digital success. With a team of data professionals, we help your organization with its own citizen development. Would you like to know more about what Microsoft Power Apps can mean for your organization?

Why work with Power Apps?

Easy to learn

Power Apps is a low-code product that is very accessible to use and enables rapid adoption.

Interested in a company app?

Do you need your own application for HR onboarding or to track evaluations? Do you want to embed an app to increase interactivity? Do you want to give everyone in your organization the opportunity to get started as a real data ‘citizen’?


Successful Cloubis collaborations

Explore some of our successful collaborations and the results we’ve achieved with our clients.
HR application - E&C

Want to know what Power Apps can do for your organisation?

Make it easy for everyone to build apps for your teams and clients.
Get started with the developer plan to access easy-to-use tools with low code.