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E&C is an energy procurement consulting firm that assists its customers in energy contracting, energy risk management, energy controlling, energy data management and decarbonization energy management.

More and more companies set decarbonization goals due to the occurring energy transition. E&C helps their customers make a better corporate energy transition by applying smart energy procurement practices and reducing the risk of changing energy prices.

The briefing

E&C wants to track the competences and skills of their employees in an orderly and user-friendly manner. Therefore, they are looking for a centralized platform where employees and team leaders can evaluate themselves, team members and colleagues based on competences that are most valued by E&C.

Employees will be asked to fill out a self-evaluation. After this, the team leader and another colleague will evaluate the employee on the same criteria.
When these evaluations are filled out multiple times, team leaders and HR staff will be able to track the evolution of employee performance.

Also, this tool enables E&C to track which profiles they have in house and how these profiles can be deployed in other functions and roles. They get insight into which profiles are missing from the company.

The solution

To offer a flexible and custom tool, an application was developed using the Power Platform toolbox.
The solution exists of three large components:

Data model
All data that is captured via evaluation forms needs to be stored and linked to the right people and right teams. A data model was built in Dataverse, the data management platform within the Power Platform. The application writes all data to and stores all data in the data model. Dataverse was chosen because it integrates seamlessly with Power Apps.

Security model
Different roles are defined for the users of the app. All roles have different access rights and functionalities.


  • Employee: This is the lowest level of security. An employee is only able to fill out self-evaluations and peer evaluations, and can only access the results of personal evaluations.
  • Team leader: A team leader can access all evaluations about team members. A team leader can fill out evaluations for these team members.
  • HR staff member: This employee has access to all evaluations.
  • Admin: An admin will be able to perform different administrative tasks, such as adding or deleting competences, switching employees to another team, changing the security role of an employee, etc.
  • App: The app consists of different screens where employees can fill out evaluations or view filled out evaluations.

The outcome

E&C now has a full custom application which allows them to easily track the growth of their employees. Through a set number of competences, employees and team leaders have the right input to draw up a personal development plan for each employee. Finally, HR has an overview of which profiles are represented within E&C and which profiles are still missing.

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