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DELA stands for “Draagt Elkanders Lasten” (Supporting Each Other’s Burdens) and is part of a cooperative. DELA specializes in everything related to farewells, providing comfort to individuals before, during, and after a funeral. While DELA is primarily recognized as a funeral insurer, it also operates 65 highly qualified funeral centers at over 120 locations in Belgium, 3 crematoriums, and a repatriation center at Zaventem Airport. Additionally, 26 bereavement care consultants are available daily to assist grieving families with practical and administrative matters following the funeral.

The briefing

To monitor the key figures of the insurance department and give the sales team deeper insights, they already created a report in Excel. Maintaining this report was a time-consuming and monthly repeating process. Moreover, only aggregated totals of the data were available, so it was not easy to perform counts or validations at the lowest level. In addition, internal definitions had changed somewhat over the years and this was not reflected transparently everywhere.

Our solution

In close collaboration between Cloubis and DELA, definitions were first clarified, creating a single source of truth within the organization, without room for differences in interpretation. In addition to clarifying the definitions, we also gained deeper insights that were previously out of our reach. This now enables DELA to filter on specific categories, a functionality that was not previously available.

As a result, we were able to:

  • Integrate the right data into the solution in the short term.
  • Create an efficient data model with data transformations in the source system.
  • Establish both business and technical definitions with the customer via a ‘business glossary‘.
  • Display correct and deeper insights in Power BI.

Collaborative Engagement:
Regular weekly meetings were held with the client to ensure alignment and exchange valuable insights.

With this solution, DELA gets a better view of their entire insurance portfolio. It also meets the requirements to tackle everything thoroughly and in a structured way thanks to the establishment of definitions, preparation of data at the lowest level in an efficient data model, correct reporting of figures, effective data governance, etc.

The outcome

Thanks to this solution, DELA can

  • Prepare data at the lowest level, in a data model that is ideal for reporting on the requested KPIs.
  • Analyze why there is a lot of attrition in certain months and tackle this insight concretely.
  • Use dashboards in which the key figures and insights are displayed correctly.
  • Analyze the impact with customized counts (for example, the number of growth or attrition they know throughout the year) and filter through to the lowest level.

Through the collaboration with Cloubis, DELA has taken further steps towards a professionalized data culture. The organization has become aware that all data-related issues must be tackled in a uniform and integrated manner so that added value can be realized.

With support from Cloubis, DELA is continuously creating a data culture.


What sets Cloubis apart is that they don’t just act as a data infrastructure facilitator but as a collaborative partner who helps you find real-world data-driven solutions for issues or opportunities impacting your business. It’s wonderful how they use every successful delivery as a steppingstone towards unlocking even further potential for your company

Maarten op de Beeck – Data Steward

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