Level up your business with Power BI

  • Convenient dashboards
  • Easy-to-share reports
  • Fully automated reporting
  • Real-time reporting
  • One single version of the truth

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are constantly looking for the best solutions to support organizations during their digital transformation. Our team of BI cloud engineers and analysts strive to empower you to get the maximum out of your data. Want to know how Power BI can help your organization grow?

Why work with Power BI?

Inputting data

It doesn’t matter how your data is stored Power BI will have a way to access it. Power BI has a large collection of built-in connectors that can retrieve data from platforms like Google Analytics or Microsoft Azure.

In need of accurate reporting?

Do you need a sales, marketing, HR or financial dashboard? Cloubis offers you a report structured following the DAR principle. During a few intense workshops we will collaborate with you to create a report you will want to use every day!


The dashboard page gives an overview of the most important information with less interactivity and functionality. It is mostly to help users scan for status updates.


Analysis pages are more interactive, they help users explore their data and look for answers to questions they may have formed on the dashboard page.


Reporting pages give the most granular information with lots of tabular data and should ultimately lead to action.

Successful Cloubis collaborations

Explore some of our successful collaborations and the results we’ve achieved with our clients.
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Power BI for finance

Curious about what Power BI can mean for you?

Do you need accurate reporting or do you want to integrate Power BI into your Business?
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will work out the best solution together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool developed by Microsoft that enables users to visualize, analyze, and share data to gain insights and support decision-making.
Power BI offers clear dashboards, one-click report sharing, full automation, real-time reporting, and a single version of the truth for collaboration.
As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Cloubis is always seeking the best solutions to support companies in their digital success. Our team of BI cloud engineers and analysts help companies become more data-driven. We assist with implementing, optimizing, and using Power BI for their data visualization and business intelligence needs. This includes providing advice, training, support, and custom solutions.

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