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“Hydronic system optimisation”, better known as Hysopt. Founded in 2013 as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp. Now, they are making an impact on tackling climate change. Their weapon of choice? Your HVAC installations!

Hysopt is unique design software that helps building managers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. Most of the time, these systems are still underperforming and over-polluting.

Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption and no less than 36% of CO₂ emissions.  Therefore, heating and cooling buildings more efficiently is our answer to global warming. By doing so, in collaboration with their Hysopt partners, they could drastically reduce CO₂ -emissions and cut energy costs enormously all at the same time.

The briefing

Within Hysopt, Jira Software with the Tempo plug-in is used to keep track of employee hours worked. It is recorded how many hours employees perform on different projects, how many are used for training or vacation days, etc. 

Tempo itself provides some tools to get an overview of all logged hours, but these are rather limited and allow little flexibility. Hysopt was looking for a way to view all information in a more extensive, clear, and personalized manner.

Our solution

As Hysopt already had a very good idea of the information they wanted to see, the ideation and definition phase could be completed very quickly and work could almost immediately begin on analyzing the data and building the reports. During these phases, several feedback moments were held so that we could set up reporting according to their wishes.

Reporting was set up in Power BI according to the DAR principle. First, a general dashboard was created with a high-level overview. Afterwards, several analysis pages were built that explain different aspects of the general dashboard in more detail.

In addition, a second dashboard was created, specifically aimed at Hysopt’s partners and the hours spent.

In a second phase of the project, a second report was developed with a greater focus on the distribution of forecasted hours of employees. This report was linked to the data model of the first report, so that future adjustments to the data model only have to be carried out once. This is also called a ‘golden’ dataset.

Both in this phase as with the first report, the permissions functions of Power BI Service were always used to configure who has access to which reports via Entra ID.

The outcome

The goal for Hysopt was to be able to view all hours worked and future hours in Jira and Tempo in an extensive, clear, and customizable manner. Thanks to intelligent BI reporting and the functionalities of Power BI Service, they can consult all data in one central location, in reports that were set up according to their requirements and wishes.This gives them the opportunity to better analyze the reported hours and easily make adjustments to changing needs in the future.

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