Managed self-service BI implementation – De Vlaamse Waterweg 

We helped with

Azure Synapse
Power BI
Data Governance
Azure DevOps


De Vlaamse Waterweg is a Flemish Government agency managing waterways in Flanders. This can range from traffic management on these waterways, its bridges and locks, but also granting permissions to organize events on/along the water or applications to capture water…

De Vlaamse Waterweg was already using Power BI as a reporting tool for both operational and strategic reporting. However, these reporting solutions had to be set up quickly resulting in employees installing Power BI, accessing the source data and starting to build reports themselves and directly on the source system. 

In the long run, this was not a scalable and manageable solution. Moreover, all data transformations were done in Power BI, no best practices were applied, and all data was loaded directly in-memory into the Power BI reports, making it no longer a performant solution after it reaches a certain amount of data. Also, everyone could share reports with each other, not taking into account any security or governance rules. 

More questions emerged from end users regarding incorrect data or unclear reporting. 

To tackle this, a new team called Information Management was established within the company. This team’s focus was on addressing all strategic data solutions. 

Cloubis is currently assisting them with defining and developing a modern cloud data architecture via Azure Synapse Analytics as well as rolling out a scalable managed self-service reporting framework in Power BI.


  • An end-to-end Azure Synapse Analytics data platform with data processing flows designed according to a three-layered Medallion architecture.
  • A managed self-service reporting framework in Power BI:


After implementing an Azure data platform, De Vlaamse Waterweg was able to centralize important data and apply the necessary data processing logic to transform this data into valuable strategic information. Taking into account security and best practice governance principles, this information is further distributed via managed Power BI Workspaces.

Additionally, this set-up also supports self-service reporting to approved Power BI users. 

Used Technologies

  • Azure Synapse Analytics (Synapse Pipelines, Spark notebooks, Data Lake, Serverless SQL Pools).
  • Power BI.
  • Azure DevOps for code source control and release and deployment pipelines.

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