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Intigriti is Europe’s #1 ethical hacking and bug bounty platform. With over 30.000 researchers and over 200 active programs they are constantly striving to make the digital world a safer space. Almost every organization has transformed digitally which means that valuable data assets could be prone to digital threats and vulnerabilities. Intigriti ensures reliability and security of these valuable assets to make the (digital) world a safer place.

The briefing

Intigriti currently has a platform to implement continuous security testing, but they were missing a reporting environment to generate actionable data insights.

The main goals for building a reporting suite were:

  • Making reporting accurate and consistent across the whole organization
  • Support a self-service BI roadmap
  • Facilitate informed decision making
  • The ability to drill-through detailed reports with custom filters
  • Promoting higher data quality

Our solution

Following our delivery framework, we tackled this use case in a phased approach.

As you can tell by the requirements, most of the ideation and definition were already done by Intigriti when we started working together. They had a pretty clear view of the data and metrics they wanted to see on their reports. This is why, for this project, we went straight to the analysis and data discovery phase. Based on the information and requirements gathered in a short timeframe we could work with a well-defined scope.

At the very first stage of this project we developed an operational reporting stack following the DAR-principle which resulted in 6 reports in total. The reporting was built on test data which was a masked sample of the entire dataset.

The high-level reports contained eye catching visualizations and had the built-in ability to drill-through detailed reports.

At the second stage of the project we focused on additional reporting and enhancements of the existing suite. These new reports were based on specific use cases and reporting needs which became more apparent due to the initial reporting roll-out.

We also optimized the existing data model in Power BI based on learnings and feedback from the first phase.

The outcome

The new Power BI reporting suite is based on multiple business-friendly data models. They take into account requirements from different stakeholders and have been setup with potential future requirements in mind.

Intigriti’s main goal was to get customer insights and to track activity on their platform. Thanks to intelligent BI reporting they are now able to find these answers in one place. The reporting suite is now accessible to different stakeholders with different roles & responsibilities which means there will only be one version of the truth going forward.

As the business evolves, requirements change, insights increase, reporting will also be impacted. Therefore we always stay available for our clients to implement enhancements and discuss the future data roadmap…


Cloubis helped us disclose our data to our business stakeholders without the need for continuous developer involvement. We’re gathering valuable insights, making some of our processes more efficient or automated. We’re very happy with the collaboration!”

Jason Verkoyen – Functional Analyst

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