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Business Intelligence

VRT is the Flemish public radio and television broadcaster. VRT wants to strengthen the Flemish society by informing, inspiring, and connecting. As a radio and television broadcaster, they focus on informative and cultural programs, as well as sports, drama and entertainment.

Some of VRT’s well-known brands are:

  • VRT MAX, the on-demand video and audio offer
  • VRT NWS, the place where consumers can follow up on the latest news
  • Sporza for the latest news in sports
  • Radio stations MNM, Studio Brussel, etc.

The briefing

VRT wanted to have insights into new series and their launch performance a few days after they aired. Because the success of TV premieres can still take a vast audience by surprise.

Our solution

To provide this overview, Cloubis built the “telltale light”, which serves as the canary in the coal mine when it comes to premiere success. It can shine a light on content with high appeal.

The telltale light calculates how many digital views there were in the first seven days after the episode aired. It then compares this to all of VRT’s historical premieres in the same genre to arrive at a percentile (and early success indicator) for this show.

By using dbt and calculating these measurements, it is possible to pinpoint shows that are booming and deserve some extra attention on the website, or shows that – on the other hand – are not living up to their potential and need monitoring.

The outcome

The telltale light is a distributed dashboard that gives an overview of the best and worst premieres over the past 4 weeks, presented in the same format each time.

For the show ‘Down the road’, for example, the dashboard gives the following information:

  • Premiere for show ‘Down the road ‘
  • Is scoring better than XX% of premieres
  • In the genre ZZZZ
  • Because it has reached #YYYYYY views
  • For a position of # position in genre / # total premieres in genre

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