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Unlock the potential of your data with dbt, a data management platform designed for scale. Grow with us and experience the power to:
  • Unify your team and standardize processes across your systems
  • Enhance workflow extensibility and flexibility through integrations and APIs from our robust partner ecosystem.

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Adopt the workflow trusted by thousands of teams across major data cloud platforms. Accelerate your data development lifecycle and:

  • Free up data engineering time by involving more team members in the data development process.
  • Write business logic faster using a declarative code style.
  • Improve code re-usability with modularity and macros.
  • Onboard new data developers faster with comprehensive, automatic documentation of your data products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

dbt, short for “data build tool,” is an open-source tool used for building data pipelines and transforming data in the cloud.
dbt offers various benefits, including a simple and powerful syntax for data transformations, the ability to create reusable code, and an integrated workflow for testing and documenting data pipelines.
Cloubis can help companies implement and use dbt for designing, building, and managing data pipelines. This includes advising on best practices, providing training and support, and delivering custom development if needed.

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