Managed self-service BI with Power BI


Thinking about a data governance model for deploying Power BI in an organization can be quite complex. You need to take into account a lot of key considerations and planning to make this a successful project for your enterprise. The Power BI ecosystem is diverse and can be implemented in many different ways. A lot […]

Power Platform


We all know Power BI as an end-to-end BI platform but is has a limitation currently in particular use cases, which can be solved by Power Apps.  Power BI does not allow the end user to input data, which becomes possible with an integration of Power Apps.  Power Apps is also part of the Power Platform […]

5 AI Power BI functionalities tried and tested

Power BI is always trying to make it easier for anyone to start analyzing their data. That is why they are constantly producing new AI tools that are supposed to help you gain insight into your data. In this blog I picked 5 of these to see if they do make data analysis easier. Key […]

Exploring the Power BI possibilities with real-time data

This blog is part 4 in our miniseries on real-time data analytics using Flanders’ traffic data. In part one we showed you how to perform real-time data processing, in part four we will show you how to get this data into power BI and how to make real-time dashboards. Just like in part one we will demonstrate […]